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Comment by Cesar (2017-05-22 20:19:47)Post reply

Great Software! I've testing and works just fine.
One Request: I wonder if would be possible to leave everything backed up in only one compressed file and when checks for changes make another compressed file with only changed files/folders since last full backup.
That way we can get only changes over time 'til we make another full backup

Comment by Sam Bailey (2017-05-01 06:32:44)Post reply

A local computer repair guy introduced me to your program, and I'm real glad he did. It's so much better than the backup that's built into Windows 10. I'll be recommending it to all of my friends now.

Comment by Axel0t (2017-02-03 12:42:49)Post reply

ist a nice and easy tool. implementing a notification Option for email would be greate.

Comment by satori425 (2017-01-10 21:18:02)Post reply

THANKS! after fooling around with other backup apps (paid and shareware) that I didn't like for various reasons, I came across this, and it just works great, plain and simple. Well done!

Comment by Akhil (2016-12-27 04:59:08)Post reply

Hi, I did a mirror backup from left to right drives but unfortunately my drives interchanged and ended with old data transfering to new one. Now i want to reverse the action to get my new data. Pls suggest.

Comment by xhark (2016-11-20 12:28:17)Post reply

Le meilleur logiciel pour faire ses backups sur un disque externe ou en réseau. Rapidité fulgurante, même avec des milliers de fichiers, l'essayer c'est l'adopter ! Bravo à son créateur :)

Comment by Rod (2016-11-06 19:52:21)Post reply

Love this app! I had 5 years of using the most terrible back up apps until I found this one. It has everything I could ever want -simple, small, powerful and effective! You should ge an Oscar for this app!

Reply by Rod (2016-11-06 19:56:18)Post reply

I should add that I donated I was so happy with the app. Merci beaucoup eh!

Comment by Dar (2016-10-12 15:57:44)Post reply

My files are syncing very well on a mapped network drive (FTP via webdav I think), but somehow copying .htaccess files end up in errors. Every other filetype was copied except .htaccess files. Any help please? Thanks in advance!

Comment by christopher (2016-08-24 22:27:05)Post reply

Do I have to synchronized the apps I have been installed? for ex:Facebook app

Comment by Antonio (2016-08-18 09:43:48)Post reply

I am trying to back up data from a NTFS disk to an exFAT one and I would like the "last modified" date of directories to be preserved. If I copy a directory from NTFS to exFAT using Windows Explorer the "last modified" date is preserved, but this does not happen when using Create Synchronicity. I also tried to set "Sync folder attributes:True", but it does not work either. Thanks for any help!!!

Comment by Rahul Sawant (2016-08-10 09:09:12)Post reply

Can encryption be performed in this software? of the backed up data

Comment by Rahul Sawant (2016-08-10 06:59:58)Post reply

Can encryption be performed in this software? of the backed up data

Comment by Milan (2016-08-01 16:41:03)Post reply

Your SW is supposed to backup data, but instead it destroyed mine. This is what happened: I set CS to back up my 4 TB drive (E:) to my removable external 4TB drive (H:). I set CS to synchronize the external drive (H:) with the internal drive (E:) every month. Today (1st day of August), I had my 8 GB flash drive connected to this PC and at one moment the data just disappeared from it. They were replaced by fraction of files from drive E:. Windows assigned drive letter H: to my flash drive. CS didn't check the drive but just did a backup process. Therefore, my original files were deleted. Your SW should at least validate the drives at the beginning of backup process.

Comment by Miso (2016-05-06 21:31:34)Post reply

Been using you great product for years. Only now I find a flow; I have different groups that do backups of different directories.
Now, I noticed that if I name a "Profile" with a same name as a "Profile" in another group, the change will not be excepted. No warning issued either.

Comment by Bobba (2016-04-16 12:53:15)Post reply

Great software!
One feature request: When the backup destination is not present (e.g. removable USB disk), maybe it can then detect when the disk is later inserted and automatically start the backup? It would make it easier for when being used by novice users.
If that is not possible, even a box that tells the user to attach the backup disk and then press "ok" to begin backup would be good.

Comment by nick (2016-04-11 19:54:43)Post reply

Hey there,
First of all, Create Synchronicity (CS) is awesome. I have it in use on several systems. Clean, light weight, fast, easy to use... Just great .
Couldn't find anything using Google about this, but we discovered that on Windows 8, synchronizing to Ubuntu 12.04, via Samba share, if the destination folder has a space in its name, CS fails with "access to path "X" denied errors.
You guys know about this yet? We tested this by removing space in the one folder name, and synchronization succeeded.

Comment by Łukasz (2016-04-01 08:45:12)Post reply

Simple, fast, lightweight, best :)

Comment by Olaf (2016-03-30 13:44:53)Post reply

Great Application

Comment by ReelLifePhotos - Elaine (2016-03-19 01:38:41)Post reply

Your software is a great help in ensuring I don't lose all the wedding photo-editing work I do each day! I had previously only backed up every two weeks or so, other than new RAW files, so have lost two weeks work at time on three occasions when hard drives have failed!

Comment by Costa Rica User (2016-02-19 02:16:38)Post reply

This is great software! It would be nice if we can define some extension and/or folder to exclude.

Comment by Kerry (2016-02-11 12:47:12)Post reply

This is great software! Really would be nice if it would run as a system service!!

Comment by Tommy (2016-02-10 22:24:45)Post reply

I was just introduced to this program. I am using incremental left to right.
Upon testing, it appears to me that when a file is modified, it is not always reflected in the log that the modified file was moved. It appears to be but I can't tell from the log.
Anyone know about this?

Reply by Clément (2016-02-10 22:28:57)Post reply

I'd love to help, but there's not much I can do without more info. The log should reflect all changes.

Comment by Mali (2016-02-10 22:19:44)Post reply

This is an awesome software with a clean UI. Please don't stop development.

Comment by kajal (2016-01-23 08:52:58)Post reply

create synchronicity has stopped working.
please Hy,
I'm gettin this error:
Stopped working (* ... *)
Can you help me fixit?
and i want to change the exe name, setup name and icon will be i change this plz help me

Comment by Len (2015-12-27 17:12:35)Post reply

It would be nice to have an option NOT to reproduce the folder tree. For example, if I want to collect all of the *.pdf files from the source tree and placed them in a single destination folder. Then you can backup that folder and easily find a missing file.

Comment by Niuza (2015-12-21 12:59:55)Post reply

Uso Create Synchonicity no Windows 10 Pro 64. Funciona perfeitamente, como quando usava no Windows 7 Pro 64.
Gostaria de saber como evitar copiar arquivos de sistema.
Obrigada, Clément e Feliz Natal.
I use Synchonicity Create on Windows 10 Pro 64. It works perfectly, as when I used it on Windows 7 Pro 64 .
I would like to know how to avoid copying system files.
Thank you, Clément and Happy Christmas.
Je l'utilise Create Synchonicity sur Windows 10 Pro 64. Il fonctionne parfaitement, que lorsqu'il est utilisé sur Windows 7 Pro 64.
Je voudrais savoir comment éviter les fichiers système de copie.
Merci , Clément et Joyeux Noël.

Comment by Daniel (2015-12-19 09:27:16)Post reply

Hi Clement,
Just discovered Create Synchronicity. Just what I was looking for: no non-sense, solid, portable backup app.
Out of curiosity, i looked at your bio. Love your work, style and interests. All with a french touch!
Would be awesome to refresh Create Synchronicity GUI and resume development (apart from GUI look, i am not sure what could be improved though ...).
A plus, Daniel

Comment by Menno (2015-11-26 10:35:59)Post reply

Hi there,
I have been using Synchronicity for some time now, It works great, but I'm encountering a peculiarity...
I work from a network drive, which I keep offline using Windows. This is my working folder. I then do an icremental copy of all the files to another network drive, which is in a folder which all my colleagues can see.
It seems that Synchronicity copies al the attributes of the files and folders I copy, so files on the target drive also become available off line. That's costing me quite a bit of disk space of course.
Any suggestions to fix this? I'd like to not have the files in the target directory kept offline by Windows.

Comment by Tony (2015-10-09 10:17:39)Post reply

wont write to program files win 10

Reply by Clément (2015-10-09 13:53:24)Post reply

Did you try running as admin? Win10 won't let you install to program files as a regular user.

Reply by Anon (2015-10-26 23:00:18)Post reply

Running CreatSyncronicity on Win10 Pro here

Comment by Nae (2015-10-08 08:32:54)Post reply

I'm gettin this error:
Stopped working (* ... *)
Can you help me fixit?
P.s. Great App!!!

Reply by Clément (2015-10-09 13:49:50)Post reply

Could you open a ticket on the bug tracker? Comments are not the best for discussing issues.

Comment by harry (2015-09-04 01:09:34)Post reply

Can you add a feature to have a volume shadow copy?

Reply by lulo (2015-12-03 19:14:17)Post reply

Agree wholeheartedly with this request!
Volume Shadow Copy is the most important missing feature of the very few that I miss from this otherwise magnificent program. Thanks Clément!
Even have tried to run Create Synchronicity from a batch script using the vshadow.exe command based on adioltean's msdn blog script but the recursive callbacks to the batch script to get the temporary volume name are a bit of a mess.
Would be awesome if Create Synchronicity could also backup all the locked open files.

Reply by lulo (2016-02-11 09:55:28)Post reply

Can't find in the manual how to configure create synchronicity to also copy the NTFS ACLs. Can be enabled in an advanced configuration somewhere? Thanks

Comment by Gabriele (2015-08-05 07:42:28)Post reply

Thanks for your program, exceptional program, sta funzionando perfettamente.
Help, the program has the ability to do automatic shutdown ?

Reply by Clément (2015-10-09 13:48:21)Post reply

You can make Create Synchronicity run arbitrary command after synchronization completes; there are example scripts on the downloads page, including one for shutting down the computer after syncing.

Comment by Marian (2015-08-02 19:28:25)Post reply

Hello. I have a problem on Windows 10, the application does not want to start at startup, even if it appears on startup list. Thank's.

Reply by Paolo (2015-08-07 06:37:27)Post reply

I'm having the same problem. It's specific to Windows 10. The error is: "Create Synchronicity cannot write to your installation directory although it contains configuration files. Your Application Data folder will be used instead. Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Create Software\Create Synchronicity\write-permissions.lksg5mwq.efa' is denied.

Comment by Daniel (2015-07-28 12:28:57)Post reply

excellent program , but i need help.
i can not exlucte a certain pattern of file names (they are autobackups)
my CAD software creates autobackup files named Myfile.0001.rvt and so on. I do not want to backup these, so they must be excluded.
In any other windows based backup software i would simply exclude *.0*.rvt
i tried /.[0000-9999].rvt/ but this apparently excludes any file that contains a number, and it ignores punctuation.
I would greatly appreciate any help, because the software is quick and efficient to maintain a mirror backup

Comment by Anas (2015-07-27 09:13:03)Post reply

great program for backing up work & personal files\folders to external HDD

Comment by fakhrurrozi amnur (2015-07-07 18:09:56)Post reply

I try on my game net, I have 30 pc , and create synchronicity very help me for update game on client, simply, powerfull, easy, and I love it, amazing, thanks...

Comment by jc (2015-07-05 01:07:41)Post reply

Wonderful backup software!!! However, does it support running as a service? and Is it possible to allow more directories for both left side and right side, more importantly the left side?

Comment by NAZ (2015-06-29 12:34:14)Post reply


Comment by Guntis (2015-06-10 10:35:18)Post reply

I don't know it's bug or something other but unchecking "Replicate empty directories" feature don't work for me. Program synchronizing folders that don't contain specified file types. For example, I would like to synchronizing only all .doc and .xls files from whole C: drive but program synchronizing empty folders which don't contain .doc and .xls files too.
I hope you understand me correctly. :)

Comment by Guntis (2015-06-10 10:24:20)Post reply

I don't know it's bug or something other but unchecking "Replicate empty directories" feature don't work for me. Program synchronizing folders that don't contain specified file types. For example, I would like to synchronizing only all .doc and .xls files from whole C: drive but program synchronizing empty folders which don't contain .doc and .xls files too.
I hope you understand me correctly. :)

Comment by Ricardo (2015-06-06 14:31:14)Post reply

I tested your program and he work great, it is possible to start the program as a service ?? for me it is necessary, because i want to backup directories of a server to a nas without having a session open.
Thanks for your program.

Comment by Richard (2015-06-02 13:49:55)Post reply

Is this software being developed anymore? This my favorite sync software, but I have not seen any activity in 3 years.

Reply by Clément (2015-06-02 15:21:56)Post reply

There's been a bit of activity actually! Mostly on the translations front though. I don't have that much free time these days so I haven't been implementing too many new features, but that's in line with Create Synchronicity's simplicity goal anyway.
I'm committed to fixing bugs if they pop up, but I'm happy to say that no significant data-threatening bug has popped up in the last three years:)

Comment by Christopher (2015-05-13 02:16:11)Post reply

You need to list the operating system compatibility for this software (Windows only) on your download page and in your FAQ, otherwise it wastes times for people who are looking for a solution that will work cross-platform. (I found it finally supported OS's listed in the manual but the download page and the FAQ page are where people will look first).

Reply by Clément (2015-06-02 15:22:55)Post reply

There's a beta version for Linux, which should be runnable on OSX too; I'd love help with beta-testing the software on these OSs!

Comment by indig0F10w (2015-05-06 20:03:18)Post reply

To say it simple - the best synchronization application in the world. Heavenly intuitive, user friendly, lightweight... and it's free. This application is one of the brightest stars in software universe. Thank you.

Comment by David Hall (2015-04-26 16:03:01)Post reply

I love this program, it is the best laid out sync. software anywhere. It is so simple to use, anyone can use this program without looking at any help files. Great Sync. job.

Comment by Vivian De Smedt (2015-04-12 16:28:33)Post reply

I'm using the application since several months and I like it very much. I have defined several profiles to avoid to backup unnecessary files (like .obj and .lib in the development folders) but I don't know how to run all these profile at once. I'm force to wait that the first is finish before launching the second one. Is there a way to do that?

Reply by Clément (2015-04-12 21:59:27)Post reply

Hi Vivian,
Thanks for your comment. The UI does not yet have a setting to run all profiles in a group at once, but you can use the command line for that; see @@help#command-line for information about this (you would want to put them together in a group.
Let me know if you need help with that,

Comment by Vivian De Smedt (2015-04-12 06:44:15)Post reply

I'm using the application since several months and I like it very much. I have defined several profiles to avoid to backup unnecessary files (like .obj and .lib in the development folders) but I don't know how to run all these profile at once. I'm force to wait that the first is finish before launching the second one. Is there a way to do that?

Comment by Martin (2015-04-05 16:46:12)Post reply

I have been using this application for about two years, and it's by far the best I've found for file backups. I backup two laptops and a desktop to a Synology NAS on a schedule, and it just works brilliantly, and has a very small footprint.
One suggestion I have is to maybe have the app wait a couple of minutes before catching up a missed backup. The situation I find is I switch my PC on, and as soon as Windows loads Create Synchronicity detects the missed backup and tries to start the backup task. This is often before my networks card has fully initialised and all the other windows stuff has settled down. As a result, the app says it can't find the destination (Network NAS) and fails. Having the app wait a few minutes would help I think!
Thanks again for such a great piece of software.

Comment by Thom Inman (2015-04-03 16:20:58)Post reply

I can't delete the program. Hate to buy the uninstall program just to do it. Id rather donate to you than do that. I've delete a profile but it keeps doing the script anyway.I dont get it. I run a PC with Windows 8.1 on 64 bit. It that the issue. I want to keep the program - just dont know what to do to control it...

Reply by Clément (2015-04-03 18:47:22)Post reply

What are you talking about? What do you mean by "buy the uninstall program"? And do you mean by "it keeps doing the script anyway"?
I'm rather confused by our question. I'd love to help, but I'll need more information.

Comment by MD (2015-03-30 04:47:06)Post reply

I am loving the app so far. But when I select items to backup, I don't know the size of the backup set. This causes me to have to guess which folders I need to delete from the backup set to fit onto the external drive. I peeked through the online manual but did not see anything on this topic.

Comment by Franco (2015-03-17 06:14:21)Post reply

It's a great app and very useful.
Is there an option to redo my sync??

Comment by Franco (2015-03-17 05:58:06)Post reply

It's a great app and very useful.
Is there an option to redo my sync??

Comment by Golfy (2015-03-09 08:34:04)Post reply

It works perfectly : I can save my files on a network computer ! it miss only a auto-synchronisation (to survey changes in a folder) to be perfect. Light, easy, smart... great !

Comment by NateInMaine (2015-02-18 16:26:54)Post reply

Excellent utility. Saved me recently when a hard-drive crashed. I replaced the bad drive, synced back to it, and was up and running again within a day. This is a simple but elegant utility, with automated backup routine that I have set to sync my files nightly.

Comment by swimshoe (2015-02-15 02:02:51)Post reply

seriously, out of all the mirror software I've tried, this has to be the best and lightest I've ever used.

Comment by NZPete (2015-02-03 10:16:36)Post reply

Brilliantly simple, yet incredibly effective. Stumbled across this application on the internet, trying to find just such a utility.
A small donation has been made.

Comment by John (2015-01-25 16:28:23)Post reply

Wow... KUDOS SQUARED ... a little gem that I stumbled upon by accident. This pup doesn't need a formal winblows installation with hooks in the registry which means throw it on your backup drive and it becomes a transportable quickie bi directional directory file sync! The pup is a self contained executable and it works in a windoze environment stand alone with a GUI! Use quote marks to refer to system resources by logical name, not hardware (e.g. "//server", "USB_Stick" and so on)and it's happy as a clam basking in shalow water. I am impressed!

Comment by Just Me (2015-01-22 11:01:50)Post reply

Awesome and simple program............ LOVE IT!!!!!

Comment by Rick (2015-01-18 22:54:24)Post reply

The description on sourceforge and in wikipedia says create synchronicity runs under both windows and linux. BUT the only download that seems to be available is an .exe file for DOS /windows.?????
I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.1 -- Thanks.

Comment by Saud (2015-01-14 07:29:52)Post reply

It would be really nice to check for file integrity before starting a backup, like creating filecheck.txt in a folder with random text in it and then Create Synchronicity open and read the file before starting the backup. If the file is corrupt or encrypted with a ransom-ware virus then stop the whole backup process. There are so many viruses that encrypt or corrupt the files and ask money, it would prevent Create Synchronicity from copying bad files to good locations.

Comment by Eric Montagne (2015-01-11 18:08:57)Post reply

Thanks for your great software which is easy to use.
I've 2 requests about Create Synchronicity:
- first, an improvement: add a popup window when synchronizing a new profile (the first time) if the destination directory isn't empty to inform that all content will be destroyed.
- second, a new feature: a button or an entry menu to synchronize all profiles at the same time (sequentially) using perhaps a check list dialog where it could be possible to deselect some profiles.
Eric Montagne from France #JeSuisCharlie

Comment by Michael Macaulay (2014-12-06 19:07:50)Post reply

Great help, saved me from a system crash

Comment by Scott (2014-10-23 10:53:03)Post reply

I used to use a great old tool called FileSync many years back, and it had a great feature that I haven't found a suitable alternative to in many other tools.
Whilst it used to allow you to keep two directories in sync, it also used to allow you to choose to output the differenced files that require syncing to a completely separate directory, in effect allowing you to create a patch or collection of files the to be used to transfer elsewhere to bring another folder up to date.
I don't know if you've thought of adding this type of feature before now?

Comment by Sebastien (2014-10-17 19:12:18)Post reply

Could you add inclusions/exclusions for folders too? This is really important!

Reply by Sebastien (2014-10-17 19:49:51)Post reply

I mean in the profile window

Reply by Clément (2014-10-17 22:02:31)Post reply

Sure! The latest beta has it. You write folder".svn" in the file exclusion box, and it excludes all folders called .svn. Otherwise, editing configuration files works as well (see the manual)

Comment by typhoon (2014-10-09 06:34:53)Post reply

Would it be possible to add the ability to pause the syncronization?
Right now you can cancel it, but then you have to restart the job, which can be time consuming.

Comment by Michael Thompson (2014-10-03 16:22:20)Post reply

Nice program. Does most of what I need, but would be nice to have the following:
1. Ability to specify logon credentials for source and/or destination.
2. Ability to schedule multiple times per day. For example, I might want to synchronize every 2 hours.
I use real-time controllers that have read-only file systems. They write their log data to ram-based disks which are wiped out if power is lost. In order to minimize the amount of lost data, I would like to synchronize every two (or worst-case, four) hours. The controllers require logon credentials to access them.

Reply by Clément (2014-10-17 22:03:59)Post reply

It's generally not to good for your hard drive to sync too often, especially automatically (and it hurts the performance of the rest of your system, too. Still if you really want to do it, you can run a planified task every two hours, that calls Create Synchronicity on the command line. Write me for more details, or look at the manual :)

Comment by Kolio (2014-10-01 08:51:37)Post reply

Hi Clemente! Thanks for this great tool!
Was thinkin, if you make it recognise that a folder was simply moved, it would save alot of time of deleting the folder copy at the old place in the tree and the copying it across again on the new place. Folders can be quite big!

Reply by typhoon (2014-10-09 06:31:34)Post reply

Seconded. I have that too when when I rename folders, they have to get copied again.

Comment by Kooki99 (2014-09-13 08:08:32)Post reply

Fantastic program !!
Gets the job done, all in background with a great level of settings
Thank you !

Comment by Ben (2014-08-29 22:58:41)Post reply

Hi, first thanks for this, it's a great program :) Just wondered if you would be able to add the total time remaining and total size remaining to the sync window? Other than that I love this program, keep up the good work!

Comment by Curry B Taylor (2014-07-31 23:06:43)Post reply

Logs get really big really quickly. It would be great if we could tell the program to only keep the logs from the last N number of backups, for each backup.

Reply by Clément (2014-08-02 14:58:46)Post reply

And indeed you can! Add "Archived log entries:3;" to only keep logs from the last 3 backups, for example. It's all in the manual ;)

Comment by DrM (2014-07-26 17:41:23)Post reply

This is a great little tool. I've been looking for something like this with a small footprint. Thanks!

Comment by Stuart (2014-07-26 17:27:06)Post reply

Can I back-up hidden folders (specifically Users' AppData)?

Reply by Clément (2014-08-02 15:01:35)Post reply

Of course! Create Synchronicity backs them up by default. (Side note: you can check the "EXCLUDING HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS" section of the manual if you actually want them excluded)

Comment by John Mulligan (2014-06-17 13:52:02)Post reply

Would be nice to have a button to sync ALL defined backup sets at once (for a case of missed backups during scheduled tomes) in the scheduled chronological order.

Comment by Jesh (2014-05-30 14:07:00)Post reply

Very good stuff! Is there a way to make, that the scheduled syncronizations make every time in different folder, for example "30-05-2014", "06-06-2014" ... etc

Reply by Laurens (2014-07-19 10:31:42)Post reply

@Jesh: it seems like this should be possible through the expert mode, look for "AUTO-CREATING ROOT DESTINATION DIRECTORY (EXPERT MODE ONLY)" in the documentation page.

Comment by Wim (2014-04-08 18:54:04)Post reply

Do you have plans to make a linux-version of CreateSynchronicity ?

Reply by Clément (2014-08-02 15:03:43)Post reply

There's a beta Linux version available, if you want to try it; see the downloads page. Expect some rough edges, though.

Comment by Wim (2014-04-08 18:45:10)Post reply

Do you have plans to make a linux-version of CreateSynchronicity ?

Comment by rizwan ahmed (2014-03-21 06:21:09)Post reply

very good software
but it will be more useful if it is possible to select and put profiles in group and then run the sync on that group or schedule it.
rizwan ahmed
sms : +923452061991

Comment by Ondrej (2014-03-07 17:44:45)Post reply

Very good sw. Simply and useful. Many thanks.

Comment by Futile (2014-01-02 22:02:59)Post reply

Awesome app, thanks.
Would be good if you could keep it in the system Tray with Shortcut List to Run each Backup. Or allow for more granular scheduling... Hourly would be nice. Mainly being able to run it from the tray would be good, cause its a pain to find and run the app and then click the profile each time.

Reply by Futile (2014-01-03 01:02:00)Post reply

Ended up building my own Tray App. If anyone wants...
> filedropper(dot)com/createsynchronicitytray

Comment by androiduser (2013-11-25 18:01:52)Post reply

could you implement for mtp/ptp as well? new android devices no longer appear as msd anymore... :(

Comment by agiel ungle (2013-11-18 15:13:37)Post reply

gmn cara aktivasi service hp se z610i

Comment by Yodamin (2013-11-17 06:00:51)Post reply

Love the software. Easy to setup and understand. Worked great for mirroring the 2-4TB drives we hold our data on.
I did notice an error in the log and was wondering if you could add a feature to ignore the deletion of certain folders/files on the right side - via check box or just a check box that ignores deletion of system files on the right side?
I mirror root drive to root drive. I get this every-time a sync completes.
Error \\\AllData\$RECYCLE.BIN Access to the path '\\\AllData\$RECYCLE.BIN' is denied.
It's a minor annoyance to an otherwise GREAT software.
I looked for a way to turn this off. However, the exclude areas are greyed out when I enable mirroring.
Thank You,

Comment by tony (2013-11-12 14:12:57)Post reply

I downloaded this s/w yesterday and from what I'm reading from the features list and comments, this is really a great tool, and more specifically, lightweight. Someone please confirm if this tool can backup an open file i.e like shadow copy...

Reply by tony (2013-11-12 14:15:59)Post reply

sorry guys, I've been reloading the comments page and it seems like it was reposting the comment. someone remove the extra 'reposts' pls. sorry for that...

Comment by tony (2013-11-12 14:07:05)Post reply

I downloaded this s/w yesterday and from what I'm reading from the features list and comments, this is really a great tool, and more specifically, lightweight. Someone please confirm if this tool can backup an open file i.e like shadow copy...

Comment by tony (2013-11-12 14:06:15)Post reply

I downloaded this s/w yesterday and from what I'm reading from the features list and comments, this is really a great tool, and more specifically, lightweight. Someone please confirm if this tool can backup an open file i.e like shadow copy...

Comment by Marian (2013-10-26 20:59:32)Post reply

Could you add the ability to auto sync more frequently, e.g. hourly / half hourly? In rest is an excelent program.

Comment by Maximus (2013-10-26 20:00:25)Post reply

Nice program.
Would be even better, if it could be scheduled to run the last thing of the day. That way a person could walk away, and have it sync files and when completed , log out of Windows and shut down the computer automatically.
Keep up the good work.

Comment by Sam (2013-10-23 15:48:49)Post reply

Could you add the ability to auto sync more frequently, e.g. hourly / half hourly?

Comment by jan (2013-10-14 20:22:50)Post reply

It is possible to get rid of heart icon in app?;)

Comment by syncf (2013-09-18 13:40:09)Post reply

would you consider implementating mtp as well? new android phones doesn't support usb mass storage deice anymore... : (

Comment by Fireborne (2013-09-09 20:54:57)Post reply

Can you wildcard the name of the backup media?
I have a different flash drive for each day of the week (flash-Mon, Flash-Tues, etc...)I'd like to be able to use "Flash-*" and have it find and backup to whichever flash drive day that happens to be plugged in.

Comment by Joe (2013-08-31 16:33:46)Post reply

I am only just starting to test the program. Looks nice and useful. Thank you.
It will be a great enhancement to the program if there is a setting to password protect the destination or backup folder, especially on a USB or an external drive.

Reply by jrt (2014-01-02 15:28:21)Post reply

Just use a truecrypt volume on your USB drive as the backup destination. That will likely be more secure than anything the author could easily add to this software.

Comment by Amirreza (2013-08-19 11:24:49)Post reply

very good software
but it will be more useful if it is possible to select and put profiles in group and then run the sync on that group or schedule it.

Reply by Clément (Create Software) (2013-08-19 11:56:59)Post reply

Hi, thanks for your comment! This feature is already available, there is a group field in the settings window. Then you can
use the command line to sync a full group :) Let me know if you manage.

Reply by Gilbert (2013-08-20 17:00:31)Post reply

Why is this group-sync-option not included in the gui ? Would be a great extension of the usuability of the program.
Can we expect an update implementing this ?

Comment by Dmir (2013-07-20 04:53:31)Post reply

Fantastic program. Have been using it for years. Simple and very reliable. Thank you.

Comment by Richard (2013-07-19 16:53:48)Post reply

Love the program but I wish it had an option to "Clean Up" destination side first, then run.
Why? Because my backups sometimes have so much to do that there isn't enough space on the destination drive unless I manually delete files first. This would be best in the right click menu under preview and run. Thanks!

Comment by Adel (2013-07-09 10:02:02)Post reply

Thanks for this great software.
I've been using this for months now. No problems found. Easily customizable. Simple and especially does what it's supposed to do better than the expensive software out there! Keep up the good work.

Comment by Bill Merritt (2013-07-07 13:00:18)Post reply

If I ever figure out why Paypal is not cooperating I'll make a donation...

Comment by Ashok (2013-06-27 10:54:08)Post reply

Thanks for making such a wonderful software. It really helpful. Keep doing the great job.

Comment by Clonezilla (2013-06-26 15:38:39)Post reply

It is for files. Use tools that operates with partitions. Clonezilla is one of that tools.

Comment by WolfWare (2013-06-22 07:32:34)Post reply

One simple missing detail... Can it/how easy is it, to restore a system volume/OS, - i.e... a bootable Win2k8R2 patition? Thx, WW.

Comment by Gilles Boudreau (2013-06-14 10:28:22)Post reply

est ce disponible pour mac s.v.p.

Reply by Clément (Create Software) (2013-07-06 17:49:11)Post reply

Non désolé, pas de version Mac pour l'instant.

Comment by Gilles Boudreau (2013-06-14 10:14:36)Post reply

est ce disponible pour mac s.v.p.

Comment by typhoon (2013-06-12 08:11:52)Post reply

Awesome tool. Really useful.
But... what about adding file/folder exclusion from synch? It'll make it Perfect! ;)

Reply by typhoon (2013-06-13 08:38:48)Post reply

OUCH, it does it already. awesome awesomeness...

Comment by Phil (2013-06-11 17:03:27)Post reply

Bonjour Clément !
j'utilise Synchronicity et je le trouve génial !! C'est LE logiciel qui manquait.
Un grand Merci !

Comment by Joebo (2013-05-22 12:57:54)Post reply

Create Synchronicity is a great application; it does what it needs to without issue. I just have one complaint. When checking the 'show all icons and notifications' box in the Windows taskbar options, so Windows doesn't hide application icons on me, I get like 25 minutes of notification popups for all the backups that had occurred overnight, every morning. It would be great to have an option to turn notifications off.

Comment by Leif Johansen denamrk (2013-05-20 17:21:01)Post reply

Today the program crash and comes with an error message for Microsoft. I removed the program and reinstall from the zip file with the same disappointing result.
Did the program have some new problems with Windows XP (sp3) after a MS update???

Reply by Clément (Create Software) (2013-07-06 17:48:33)Post reply

You might need to re-install the .Net framework, version 3.5. Could you try that?

Comment by Rene (2013-04-12 21:18:06)Post reply

Bonjour Clément !
je viens de decouvrir Synchronicity et je l'adore!
une suggestion serais de pouvoir le faire synchronizer plus souvent qu'un fois par 24h, genre a toutes les 15mins serait bien pour garder les dossier synchronizés plus rapidement.
Et une autre serais d'agrandir les fenetres pour montrer tout le texte, bcp de texte francais est coupé ou caché par la petitesse des fenetres. ou faire que le programme ce souvienne des dimensions et positions
et ouvrir sync si on double-clique sur l'icone a coté de l'heure.
mais a part, merci pour le bon programme. ca me rappelle un peu Live Mesh, juste un peu ;)

Comment by Torsten (2013-03-25 13:00:24)Post reply

I'm very interessted in your sync software. Are there any plans to develop a MAC Version?
Kind regards,

Comment by Long (2013-03-06 08:56:02)Post reply

Dear Clément,
I am very interested in your software. I also want to develop it with more features. Could you send me software source code? Goodluck to me!

Comment by Michael Dam (2013-03-04 13:07:57)Post reply

Great product!!! Today when "The Cloud" is on and you both have a desktop, Laptop and an Ipad, the need for Synchronicity is even more in demand. YOU MEET THIS DEMAND!!! Only point is that your scheduling can only sync once a day.... Could the scheduling please be extended...??

Comment by Roland (2013-02-28 06:33:10)Post reply

very good application. a feature would be the possibility to backup/synchronize a website folder onto a local drive.
thanks a lot in advance
cu rolo

Comment by Long (2013-02-22 02:30:44)Post reply

Very great software, if possible, you can add more features like:
- Automatically syncing after a few time such as: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc...
- Allows choosing network drive when choosing source or destination.
I think if you want you can win! Good luck and successful!

Reply by Clément (Create Software) (2013-02-25 22:17:18)Post reply

Hi Long, thanks for your message! You can choose a network drive as the source or destination using the following syntax : \\DriveName\FolderName. For example, I use \\DNS323\Volume_1\ or \\\Volume_1 on my own network.

Reply by Long (2013-02-26 01:34:20)Post reply

Ok, Thanks a lot for your guide, however, issue is when we choose source/destination, dialog "Browse For Folder" does not have item: My Network Places. This will make your software more wonderful! And more, i have found some of errors like: wrong word "Succeded" or "Succeeded" in log file. And i cannot sync with error: " E:\MailStore\Outlook.pst | The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file. " when i am opening MS Outlook. If you have time, i suggest the new feature: Send email to Admin at the specific time about data backup processing. I have used very many softwares but your software is best! I am sorry because using free program that requires so much! Good for life, many thanks!

Comment by Pippo (2013-02-11 07:44:16)Post reply

Nice job ! :)

Comment by MakesOwnWeather (2013-02-08 16:11:39)Post reply

Best and greatest of them all! Simple to use and understand. Works better than a clock made by God if that is possible. :) Love this software. Saved so much hassle dealing with other complicated replicators like the Synology Data Replicator and others. Does the whole job and all it's variations.

Comment by Oleg (2013-01-15 14:43:09)Post reply

The tool complains about too long paths of some files (file name must be <260 symbols, folder name <248). I really have such long paths in some places

Reply by Bruno (2015-03-04 14:03:09)Post reply

Oleg (2013-01-15 14:43:09)said : "The tool complains about too long paths of some files (file name must be <260 symbols, folder name <248). I really have such long paths in some places"
I confirm, this is a problem for me too.
Please can you improve the posibility to access files whose path name exceeds 260 characters.

Comment by Dick (2013-01-10 17:56:23)Post reply

Great tool! Just what I needed. I install this for family and friends that don't have measures yet to automatically backup their documents and photo's, using the option to startup and schedule. Simply to use and reliable!

Comment by Daniel (2013-01-10 12:48:01)Post reply

I just tried the software, and it seems to be what I was looking for. Thank you.
Now, unfortunately, I am worried about losing the synced USB stick. Do you have any thoughts about using your software with on-the-fly encryption (such as truecrypt seems to offer)? Could this work? Would you advise against it?
Thanks in advance!

Comment by Chris (2013-01-02 18:13:37)Post reply


Reply by cHRIS (2013-01-02 18:15:20)Post reply

Disregard! Commented on wrong program! Thought I was on "Bvckup" page!

Reply by NotChris (2013-01-03 22:24:59)Post reply

Nice way of going about posting your issue.

Comment by Chris (2013-01-02 18:07:00)Post reply


Reply by typhoo (2013-06-12 08:13:58)Post reply

I can assure it works with 64bit OS.
I'm using it after all...

Comment by Juan Luis Palma (2013-01-02 14:52:40)Post reply

Excuse my bad english
Please port this great app to linux, is the best.
Thanks for our great work

Comment by ToolmakerSteve (2012-12-13 02:48:39)Post reply

Very handy, thx. Would like an option to ignore (don't delete) new top level sub-folder added to right side (destination). For now I use "Incremental", but that means I don't get deletions of obsolete files in the other folders. E.g. when Change Settings, expand right-side tree, be able to checkmark a folder "F1" that won't be touched. Or alternatively, suppress deletions in "F1" (do incremental w/i it), even when select "mirror".

Comment by captenbk (2012-12-09 03:05:35)Post reply

Love the simplicity of the program, but it seems to sometimes recopy files already in my destination ("right side"). I use this to sync various local drives to network drives (properly mapped in Windows). It does work, just seems to recopy some of the files when syncing (instead of skipping them and just deleting files not in destination and copying new files). Perhaps I'm just doing something wrong.

Comment by Samuel (2012-12-02 18:10:07)Post reply

When doing incremental backing up, does CS overwrite old versions of the files or does it keep older versions, so that one can roll back changes? From my small test it appears that the former is true -- i.e. CS's "incremental" backup really just updates the full backup each time. Is that right?

Comment by Michael (2012-12-02 06:19:38)Post reply

I believe I have found a bug in the program's behavior. Here is an example. I check my entire "Users" folder under Windows 7 to back up all users data and automatically back up all data from any new users that are created in the future. I leave every subfolder checked. I then go under one user's folder and un-check his "Videos" folder because he uses it for scratch files which are too big and don't need to be backed-up. Un-checking this folder causes newly created users folders NOT to be backed-up, regardless that the base "Users" folder is checked! I have tried other examples, too. Any time you un-check a folder, if any new folders are created one directory level above, they will not be backed-up, even if the base folder is checked! How can I work around this? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you so much!

Comment by Pier (2012-11-24 08:57:16)Post reply

There is an error given by a long path, for example: \\\8g_Nas\documentiPier\JavaWorks\progetti.daSviluppare_OR_discretamenteValidi\SistemiInformativi\NetBeansJava\prog.SistInformativi\prog.SistInformativi-ejb\build\jar\logic\sessionBean\stateless\EntityLogicOperation\LO_EIdentificatoreProdotto_stl.class
Can you bypass it?

Comment by George (2012-11-21 07:44:53)Post reply

Hi, any chance of getting a "pause" button for when it's syncing?

Comment by Gilberto (2012-11-16 14:28:23)Post reply

If possible add local drive to ftp folder (protocol ftp)

Reply by Create Software (2012-11-16 19:19:08)Post reply

No, Create Synchronicity doesn't support direct synchronization to FTP; you could try mounting your FTP server locally perhaps?

Comment by Dave (2012-11-10 00:50:52)Post reply

Good little program. Ideal for creating thumb drives of my music library for the car.
Would be nice to see it have the ability to add the Label of the thumb drive to the project and verify the thumb drive by label. Works well with out though at times I'm an idiot so I'm thinking of how to "Dave" proof it!

Reply by Create Software (2012-11-16 19:20:34)Post reply

Hi Dave! You can use "Dave's USB"\Music as your destination path to let Create Synchronicity infer the drive letter from the name of the drive.

Comment by Mark (2012-11-08 22:45:40)Post reply

Hi, it would be good if there was a way to exclude folders in the exclude list. For example I have a profile to backup my VS project but don't need the Bin sub-folders backed up.

Reply by Create Software (2012-11-16 19:21:44)Post reply

Hi Mark! In the Latest builds you can use folder"\bin" to exclude all \bin folders.

Comment by Jorge (2012-11-08 13:35:10)Post reply

Thanks for this wonderful piece of Soft. It really gives me peace of mind for sync purposes. Just wonder: could its windows remember the position where I moved them to? It is cumbersome having to set them around every time I open each.

Comment by Jorge (2012-11-08 12:11:03)Post reply

Thanks for this wonderful piece of Soft. It really gives me peace of mind for sync purposes. Just wonder: could its windows remember the position where I moved them to? It is cumbersome having to set them around every time I open each.

Comment by Kida (2012-10-14 21:42:38)Post reply

Wonderful program. Only thing that currently bugs me is using "Discard after:2" and "Replicate Empty Directories:False". This still creates the entire directory structure in the mirror directory; even if that directory had no modified files in the last 2 days.
Would be super helpful if empty folders in the mirror are deleted during the 'clean-up' process when "Replicate Empty Directories:False" is set to false.

Reply by Create Software (2012-10-27 23:08:02)Post reply

Hi Kida, Well spotted, that was a bug. It should be fixed in the latest development builds (Latest builds)

Comment by Roman (2012-10-01 11:41:34)Post reply

You can do the directories synchronized by date. For example. Selected folder, but not later than 10.01.2012
Thank you!

Reply by mithun (2012-10-13 12:40:24)Post reply

programe is brillaint and quite working properly.
its so nice

Comment by Olly (2012-09-07 05:32:45)Post reply

Brilliant programme! I have searched for ages to find a programme like this. Love the fact that this programme gives you tray notifications which is just what I wanted unlike other software that left me in the dark about my backups. One of the best sync software I have used, Nothing but praise for this programme! I have recommended it to so many people. Thanks so much! :)

Comment by Shahrukh (2012-09-05 21:28:12)Post reply

Geoffrey (2011-10-04 03:49:03) requested "It would be nice to be able to include files that have changed within, say, the last x days in the backup procedure, i.e. files modified more than x days would be ignored in the sync." and indeed it was implemented a few weeks later. Great! That was just what I needed, except ... I need to be able to specify "Ignore files last modified earlier than yyyy-mm-dd" i.e., specify a calendar date rather than xx days ago. The reason is that I do disk clones every 3 months or so and want to use Synchronicity to do daily incremental backups since the last disk clone. Please??

Comment by Milan (2012-09-03 09:35:54)Post reply

Great sync software, simple interface, very fast,seams reliable, free. THANX! Cheers!

Comment by Genevieve (2012-08-20 04:29:17)Post reply

Thank you so much for the fantastic software. It's so kind of you to share it with everyone. Love it! :):):)

Comment by Vineeth Reddy (2012-08-05 14:22:58)Post reply

This is the best sync/backup software i have come across... i have looked all over :)
Have replaced the aging Synctoy 2.1 from MS with your awesome software.
Thank you for your efforts.

Comment by Bogdan (2012-08-04 09:38:13)Post reply

This tool corresponds with software bible best practice: simple clear idea, robust tool, performs tasks corresponding with its concept very well and makes no other unnecessary tasks.
I am very satisfied!
I tried Samsung SW delivered with HDD, which has nice GUI, but managing was not simple, and for example, if I changed the file on the right side it was not recognized.
Thanks for great tool, which helps me so much!

Comment by Harvey (2012-07-22 09:31:09)Post reply

The best tool out there for keeping two drives in sync, easy to use but powerful. Keep up the good work.

Comment by Prakash Kumar Jain (2012-07-21 14:09:59)Post reply

A good tool to take backup. I had earlier tried the Seagate software that comes with the portable harddrive but it was not working as good as CS.
Fantastic.... keep it up and keep improoving.... thanks for the smart tool....

Comment by Takku (2012-07-19 20:10:38)Post reply

Thanks for a nifty utility! Looks great and works great! Just a tip for others who may have a similar setup: I had initial problems syncing from my Vista PC to my Linux server over Samba, as CS was pretty aggressive in selecting a lot of files for backing up that hadn't been modified. I unchecked the exact timing checkbox, allowing for a few second variation in timestamps and voila, problem solved. Great product, thanks!

Comment by K. Lenover (2012-07-17 22:45:13)Post reply

Your system shut down my computer!?

Reply by Create Software (2012-10-27 23:21:24)Post reply

Hi K., Create Synchronicity does not turn your computer off after synchronizing, unless you manually configure a post-sync script to do so.

Comment by sultan (2012-07-10 02:51:47)Post reply

portable verson does not work. Error: the application failed to initialize properly...

Reply by Create Software (2012-10-27 23:16:26)Post reply

Hi sultan, the portable version is portable in the sense that it stores profiles in the program folder, but it still requires the .Net framework to run. An incorrectly installed, or uninstalled, .Net framework is certainly the cause of the error you are seeing.

Comment by TechPreps (2012-06-30 15:02:28)Post reply

Been using Create Synchronicity for a while now to backup multiple desktop computers in my house to one network backup drive. I have had absolutely no problems with it at all. Thanks for a great product. I even discussed using it in today's episode of my podcast. I don't want to be a "spammer" here so if you're interested in my podcast episode, it can be found at the domain in my email.
Thanks again!

Reply by Create Software (2012-07-15 08:02:01)Post reply

Thanks a lot! For other readers, the podcast is here. I've also tweeted about it.

Comment by vsg (2012-06-04 04:27:41)Post reply

There is a bug. It does not work correctly when file names have a dot at the end. Please, fix it. Thanks.

Comment by Marco77 (2012-05-28 13:39:14)Post reply

Hello guys,
Regarding your statement below "normally, Create Synchronicity doesn't follow symbolic links."
Here is a test case that will point out the problems when syncing a source containing symlinks:
:testrun.cmd sample program
:Note: the following line takes care of when you run the batch elevated using the explorer contextual menu
cd /d "%~dp0"
mkdir dir_pointedto
pushd dir_pointedto
echo "file 1" > file1.txt
echo "file 2" > file2.txt
echo "file 3" > file3.txt
echo "file 4" > file4.txt
MKLINK file4-bis.txt file4.txt
mkdir dir_container
pushd dir_container
:Note: this line requires an elevated command prompt
MKLINK /D link_to_dir ..\dir_pointedto

Comment by Rix (2012-05-23 09:23:53)Post reply

Very good app - thank you. I have some observations as follows:
Show question
1) CS ignores my TrueCrypt files because their attributes never change. This could be obviated by having an checkbox option under Settings to "always overwrite"
2) I currently have 7 profiles. I get the dropdown irrespective of whether I right-click or left-click. As a result the dropdown obscures the settings panel at the bottom. Could I please suggest you make the pulldown active on right-click only? Left-click could be used just to select the profile (and hence view the settings).
3) A profile name of more than 18 characters causes the profiles to get bunched up
4) I sometimes (randomly) get a blue line above and below the profiles after selecting them.
5) Could the "last run" variable be displayed in the information panel?

Thank you for a great program and for giving us the opportunity to offer feedback

Reply by Create Software (2012-05-26 06:51:51)Post reply

Hi Rix,
Show answer
Thanks for your comments!
1) Indeed, CS doesn't copy TrueCrypt files, and that's a problem. There are two possibilities as of now:
1st, use the checksum mode, where Create Synchronicity checks files for changes byte per byte instead of relying on file times and sizes. This will ensure that your file gets updated as often as it needs to, but will make the synchronization /much/ slower.
2nd, use a post-sync script: a small program that would just copy your TrueCrypt files, and which CS would launch after every backup. You can read more about this on the help page, on manual ; please let me know if you need help with this.
3rd, I could consider using a special setting to force inclusion of these files if you want.
2) This is a feature request I get quite often, but I'm afraid I cannot disable left-click menus, for a number of reasons:
1st, some of my users are used to this left-click mechanism, and would be confused if Create Synchronicity stopped working this way.
2nd, the least tech-savvy among my users ddo not know how to right click. My point when designing Create Synchronicity was to make sure that anyone could use the app, possibly relying on a more experienced friend to do the initial configuration. In my testing, it appeared that some people didn't notice the buttons that appeared at the bottom of the window when you left-clicked (that's how I originally designed the app), and didn't think to left-click.
You can however expand the window and thus see the settings even when left-clicking, or simply press Escape when the menu is shown, and navigate with the arrow keys.
3) Oh? I can't reproduce this problem on my test machine. Could you send me a screenshot? Meanwhile, pressing Ctrl-L will change way profiles are listed, this could help.
4) Same as three, could you send me a screenshot? Sorry for the trouble!
5) Sure, but before I make this change could you check that the listing provided by pressing Ctrl-L doesn't fit your needs? If not, I'll add that info in the information panel.
Thanks a lot for your feedback, it really helps! And thanks for your nice comments.

Comment by Rudy (2012-05-17 19:51:35)Post reply

The best back-up software I found to date.
Well done!
Could it be faster? It copies (backups) my files
again even if they have not changed, for example
iso and TrueCrypt files. If it would store the
content list on the NAS also then a simple compare would suffice and much time is saved.

Comment by Hans (2012-05-12 14:19:35)Post reply

great software. but i recommend a option to disable the md5-check for the preview phase. its ok to check the md5 only after copying.
this would save much time...

Comment by NightOwl (2012-05-06 14:41:44)Post reply

Excellent software: works fast, safe and reliable. Simply the best sync-program!

Comment by Olly (2012-04-29 16:54:39)Post reply

Thank you so much, Your program is the only free one that I have found that syncs my files correctly and gives me notifications in the taskbar. Brilliant!, Thank you so much for this program

Comment by aeroporos (2012-04-02 14:01:58)Post reply

Your software is great!
I use CS on my net cafe to synchronize my games on server with clients.I have a question.I check my speed on lan with Lan speed test program and on reed and on copy have 100-300mbps speed and with CS go only 10 mbps.Can you tellme why i have low speed with CS to fix it. Thanks

Reply by Create Software (2012-10-27 23:22:58)Post reply

This difference is generally related to the units in which speed are expressed. Create Synchronicity measures speed in MB/s (and 1MB/s is about 8Mb/s).

Comment by Jeff (2012-04-01 05:29:46)Post reply

I am using this software for about 6 months now. It backups my home shared disk with all the family files. Runs every night. I am very happy with the way it works and recommend this as a great simple utility for backing up large personal disks (~1TB). Thank you VERY MUCH for making this available.

Comment by Philippe Samson (2012-03-21 19:53:21)Post reply

Hi! Have been using CS for the backups of the files of an animation short project I'm doing and I really like it.
Show questionI would like the addition of a feature I think is missing (if there's already a way to do it with CS please tell me). I can synchronise the files in one single folder but sometimes it's usefull and more safe to keep past versions of files, in case one of them turn corrupt (for example in the case of big 3d scenes turning messy, or big digital painting photoshop files, etc.).
Before using CS, I usually just copy-pasted my big project folder in my external drive in separated dated folder. Now, whit CS, I just change the destination folder from time to time; either way I end up wasting a lot of space, because the majority of the content in the project's folder and subfolders doesn't change and the same files get backuped multiples times.
I was thinking maybe something ressembling some kind of mix between a incremental synchronisation and a version control would be nice.

Comment by Philip (2012-03-20 16:59:49)Post reply

The program is simple and works impeccably; but I'd like the opportunity to click on the 'Done' bar and see which files have been created, deleted or modified.

Reply by Create Software (2012-03-22 22:40:30)Post reply

Hi, thanks for your suggestion! Could you open a feature request? Thanks!

Comment by TJ Geezer (2012-03-19 11:14:47)Post reply

A great convenience - makes a daily update of crucial files painless and handles both multiple directories in a job and multiple jobs. I looked for something that could do what this program does for a long time. I would not be without it.

Comment by Slobodan Dijakovic (2012-03-04 16:16:11)Post reply

Hi sweated developer, I very much appreciate your work, finely done, useful and user friendly. being a programmer, and the user I'd have a slight suggestion. in the area where you expose all previously compiled backup, it'd be useful to be able to order the, group them, move them etc. also how about copy and paste for similar backups!

Reply by Create Software (2012-03-06 11:33:16)Post reply

Hi Slobodan, Thanks for your suggestions! Profiles groups are coming in the next release (6.0), which should be out in less than a week. There's a beta available from Latest builds if you want to try that new feature before the official release =)

Comment by Prince B (2012-02-22 11:34:03)Post reply

FANTASTIC software! works really well and incredibly easy to use. The program is incredibly lightweight too.

Comment by G Cintron (2012-01-31 14:13:22)Post reply

Hi there,
this program is awesome but I am having some errors I am not sure if they even matter all that much. There are three errors saying the process cannot access three separate files: NTUSER.DAT, NTUSER.DAT.LOG1, NTUSER.DAT.LOG2. Everything else appears to have succeded. What is this about? It seems to have every single backup. Thanks!

Reply by (2012-02-10 09:24:05)Post reply

Hi G, These files store a part of your Windows registry. There's no way to back them up, except perhaps booting in safe mode, as they are constantly being accessed by the system to read and write registry keys. If you only want to back up your documents, you can safely ignore these errors, or exclude these files (that's what I do). If you're looking for a solution that allows you to restore your complete system if a failure occurs, then you had better use a disk imaging app instead. Generally speaking though, I would really suggest backing up only your documents, and recreating your configuration should your hard drive fail.

Comment by CM (2012-01-20 00:24:29)Post reply

Brilliant light weight software that does the job extremely well... just a few questions.
- Using 5.2.1 r1316 on XP with the exe under startup, it says that it cannot write to the user's folder (I don't have any restrictions) but it will use the application folder instead. I get the window with no profiles in it, so I close and re-run it, and things are ok. Any reason?
- Secondly there's the icon on the system tray, but I can't invoke the GUI from it. The options are Create Sync (greyed out) and close.
- Would be great to run this as a service (or if it already does I can't see it in the services list)
Where's your facebook page? I need something to like! I'll donate to you soon as well, would love to see this app become what I see it can be.

Reply by Create Software (2012-01-29 14:45:29)Post reply

Hi CM, thanks for your comments. I don't have a facebook page yet, since I don't have that much free time these days. The latest builds (Latest builds) allow you to start Create Synchronicity from the tray icon. CS doesn't run as a service, since it minimizes the possibilities of interaction with the user. but if you don't want to use the built-in scheduler, you could use Windows Task Manager with the /silent option =)

Comment by Jack (2012-01-17 14:09:20)Post reply

Well done! This is a great App, thank you! In the next version would be great if it were possible to create groups that contain the various profiles
For example:
+ My Group
- Profile 1
- Profile 2
- Profile 3
For now, excellent software!

Reply by Create Software (2012-01-29 14:46:23)Post reply

Hi Jack, groups are available in the Latest builds. See the manual for more info.

Comment by doh (2012-01-12 14:48:19)Post reply

very great app. Could you please add autostart feature and minimize to notification area.
So it will be easier to be always sync.

Comment by Chris (2012-01-04 14:57:26)Post reply

That's perfectly what I was looking for!!! Light, Fast,Perfect!

Comment by jason (2011-12-26 02:53:29)Post reply

I have tried quite a few synch programs until I came across CreateSynchronicity, it looks neat and very small. Just the kind of program I want to use. But now I am still trying it out to see if it works perfectly for me. My requirements are simple for now, just sync between folders in drives or USB. If it's good I plan to recommend it to my friends.

Comment by Jack (2011-12-25 21:50:59)Post reply

Unable to sync files over my network. Works great for local drives.
Show questionI've tried the net command (for destination): \\192.168.x.x\Drive Name\folder name - No Luck. I've tried the Volume name: "Volume Name"\folder name - No Luck.
If I just put in "\\", the program shows the network name of all of my networked systems. I then select the name of the networked system I want, type \folder name or \sub drive name\folder name, and still no luck. The entry box shows highlighted in red, and doesn't allow me to click on the "Load folder tree" on the right side.
What am I doing wrong, or not doing right?
I'm using V5.2.1 r1316 on Win 7 Home premium.

Comment by bobad (2011-12-20 14:38:20)Post reply

Latest version 5.3.1554 often copies files unnecessarily.
When I set up a "Strict Mirror" backup, CS usually runs the backup very fast and copies only a few new files and deletes a few obsolete files. Then,,, for no good reason, CS will copy and replace all the files. Earlier versions didn't do that, not that I noticed. No files were lost, but when updating a 4gb USB flash drive it can mean the difference in a 30 second update and a 5 minute wait and some worry.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I don't think so.
Great little program, BTW, I love it!

Reply by Create Software (2012-01-29 14:48:47)Post reply

Hi Bob, could you write me regarding this problem? Your help is vital in making Create Synchronicity better.

Comment by Brian Grover (2011-12-14 06:01:17)Post reply

I looked long and hard before I stumbled on Create Synchronicity. I wanted a lightweight back up and restore solution. I had used Syncback for a long time but it frequently got hung up an long jobs. Some kind of USB issue. Has never happened to CS. Nicely done.

Comment by John (2011-12-13 14:36:25)Post reply

Excellent Backup utility. Thanks.
I get errors about path/filename too long. Limit is stated as 260 characters. I checked and the full path of first file it is complaining about is only 256 chars (H:\JRT_Backup\E\T400_MRK\My Documents\Eclipse_Workspace\.metadata\.plugins\com.python.pydev.analysis\python_QzpcUHl0aG9uMjZccHl0aG9uLmV4ZQ==\indexcache\

Reply by Create Software (2012-01-29 14:47:26)Post reply

Hi, see the FAQ for more info about this problem.

Comment by jorge (2011-12-05 17:43:40)Post reply

I think the log file should be sorted in the inverse order (last log on top).

Reply by Create Software (2011-12-08 21:54:25)Post reply

It should indeed; only, I'm not sure how to initiate the transition. The upcoming version improves a lot on that (Latest builds)

Comment by Mitch (2011-12-01 03:48:36)Post reply

Wow, nice and fast. It looks like groups (which I'd find useful) are slated for version six.
I assume I could synch groups of dirs of using the command line. Could you please provide some sample command line syntax?
Thanks a lot.

Reply by Create Software (2011-12-08 21:53:32)Post reply

Hi Mitch, use /run ":GroupName" to sync a group of profiles. Updated versions are available from Latest builds.

Comment by deesto (2011-11-19 14:47:19)Post reply

Love the program, but lately seems to be leaking memory: when it runs overnight, I see a "can't write to log" message (eve though there's plenty of disk available) and memory is stuck at 90% utilized until I force-close the app.

Reply by Create Software (2011-11-24 20:32:07)Post reply

Hi deesto, you're most likely running an outdated version; this problem was fixed a while ago, and happened because of the lack of log trimming.

Comment by JORGE (2011-11-10 12:19:03)Post reply

I dont know if its a bug in my instalation, but my system tray icon only has one option (CLOSE).
I think the system tray icon showld at least RUN Create Synchronicity by Left-click or Double-click

Reply by Create Software (2011-11-11 11:31:53)Post reply

Hi JORGE! It's not a bug, although it will change with the next release: it did seem to confuse a number of people. Thanks for the feedback!

Comment by Eddy (2011-11-09 00:01:59)Post reply

Is there a way to sync folder attributes? I have many hidden folders that pop up after I sync. And I don't want to reapply hidden properties to every folder. Is there some setting I'm missing? Thanks

Reply by Create Software (2011-11-11 11:39:47)Post reply

Hi Eddy! Normally, this will be fixed with the next version.

Comment by Fred (2011-11-06 18:59:21)Post reply

Great program. Just a question, I can't find in the manual where it describes "Limited copy". Sorry if I'm blind, but what does it mean?

Reply by Create Software (2011-11-08 10:58:53)Post reply

Hi, Limited copy shows true iff you have set restrictions upon which files should be included when synchronizing.

Comment by BigEdDude (2011-11-03 03:02:46)Post reply

I would like to use this software to backup my data folders from an SBS Essentials 2011 server (basically MS Server 2008 R2) to a NAS every morning around 4am. This is to provide availability of the files if I lose the server due to MB or PS failure. Can this be done with no one logged onto the server? If no, would it work with the admin user having the server locked? Thanks in advance for the reply.

Reply by Create Software (2011-11-03 23:10:08)Post reply

Hi BigEdDude! You have two options: use CS native scheduler (this requires that the admin be logged in), or use Windows scheduler with CS /silent switch, and keep an eye on the logs.

Comment by Minsc&Boo (2011-10-29 20:25:47)Post reply

Great program, except one thing, turning on large fonts (I run at 2560x1600, WinXP/Vista64) causes larger text to push GUI elements outside the viewable window size (which cannot be re-sized), In other words, program settings and such as check boxes/drop downs become hidden.

Reply by Create Software (2011-11-03 23:08:01)Post reply

Hi, thanks for the input. I'll try to have a look asap; in the meantime, can you file a bug report, to remind me about this problem?

Comment by cool (2011-10-14 00:11:15)Post reply

Thanks a million. This software is exactly what I was looking for. If it wasn't written in VB, I would have help in development, but I guess you did a great job.

Comment by Shawn (2011-10-12 16:32:44)Post reply

Thanks for the awesome program!
Just a question, do you plan on adding notification (backup complete, error, update, etc) to this? If so would you consider Snarl/Growl for Windows support?

Reply by Create Software (2011-11-03 23:04:47)Post reply

Hi Shawn, thanks for the interesting input. I've replied to you by mail; could you post this as a feature request?

Comment by thierry (2011-10-11 09:09:12)Post reply

Hello I love your software because it is very easy to use.
it would be possible to improve the following:
- Not be forced to enter expert mode for the optin "dynamically create the destination folder"
- Management of the history and too large, would it possible to have a text file instead of html, and to provide an automatic cleaning history.
thank you for your work!

Reply by Create Software (2011-10-11 17:35:04)Post reply

Hi there, to save the log as a text file instead of HTML, append "Text logs:True;" to your main configuration file. See the manual for more info. Why does it disturb you to enable expert mode ?

Comment by Janaka (2011-10-07 09:53:24)Post reply

Hi i am trying to use create Synchronicity to sync school laptop local D drive and network folder on user home area(\\fileserver\matt$\syncfolder).i want this to run every time user login and before logout.Can i do this .please give me your advice

Reply by Create Software (2011-10-10 08:55:51)Post reply

Hi Janaka, You should use a script running when your session opens to start Create Synchronicity.

Comment by Geoffrey (2011-10-04 03:49:03)Post reply

The key benefit of this utility is its simplicity; however, I would like to see one further feature, that to me, would make Create Synchronicity stand out above the other backup software.
It would be nice to be able to include files that have changed within, say, the last x days in the backup procedure, i.e. files modified more than x days would be ignored in the sync.

Reply by Create Software (2011-10-27 07:57:08)Post reply

Done! I've implemented this feature. See manual for more information.

Comment by larry (2011-09-29 17:06:20)Post reply

Create Synchronicity
very cool little utility! simple, easy, clean
suggestions, if i may...
* would be nice to be able to exclude directories without editing the sync file (unless i missed something, it appears this can't be done from the UI)
* having a context menu open when L-clicking on a profile seems a bit awkward - what if one only wants to see the settings? so you click off of the menu (natural action) and the settings are blanked out because the profile is no longer highlighted
what about opening it only on R-click and placing essential menu items (buttons) such as preview, sync and settings to the right of the profile?

Reply by Create Software (2011-10-10 09:26:27)Post reply

Hi Larry, Interesting suggestions. I replied to you by mail =)

Comment by Jdogzilla (2011-09-29 07:14:32)Post reply

Great sync tool. Much faster than most other stuff I have used. Would be great if you could make this cross-platform, so it can be used on Mac and Linux too!

Reply by Create Software (2011-10-10 09:14:31)Post reply

I'm working on that =) See the feature requests tracker.

Reply by auto title loans (2012-10-27 18:45:00)Post reply

I just read your article on Create Synchronicity and want to thank you for it.

Comment by Kevin (2011-09-22 20:37:58)Post reply

Is there a way for :- Left to right (Incremental) to keep a maximum x amount of each files on the right so as not to end up with 100 files of the same document?

Reply by Create Software (2011-09-26 07:18:11)Post reply

Hi Kevin, "Left to right (Incremental)" only keeps one copy of each file. See the manual for more info.

Comment by Gerald Scarbrough (2011-08-28 16:42:23)Post reply

Is there a way to make any files that are going to be deleted from the "right side" go to the recycle bin rather than just removing them completely?

Reply by Create Software (2011-09-26 07:17:41)Post reply

Hi Gerald, I haven't implemented this yet, but you could open a feature request if you'd like to have this feature.

Comment by Cverniani (2011-08-26 11:14:23)Post reply

Thank you. I suggest you to insert this options:
Copy NTFS permissions.
This can syncronize even foldes, and even user rights to access/not access these files.
Thank you for your works.

Reply by Create Software (2011-09-26 07:17:53)Post reply

Hi Cverniani, Thanks for your suggestion; copying ntfs permissions is tricky, because having access rights doesn't imply having permission-changing rights. You could open a feature request if you really want this feature.

Comment by al (2011-08-24 23:30:53)Post reply

Webpage looks great, which is more than can be said for most of the stuff on SourceForge...hopefully the program is excellent as well...

Comment by Tim (2011-08-23 14:21:23)Post reply

However, I would humbly suggest the following:
1. Scheduling - *really* needs more granularity - e.g. the ability to run every few minutes.
2. Would be very useful to do 'many-to-one' syncs e.g. multiple folders to one location.
3. I can not begin to describe how good it would be, if this could 'poll' network locations and sync on connect. E.g. sync when a computer 'appears' (gets switched on!) on the LAN. I have searched the would over for this functionality and still have not found it. Even in commercial packages.

Comment by Troy Schnack (2011-08-10 15:30:45)Post reply

Perfectly simply solution. This thing rocks. What took over an hour to sync with DirSyncPro, Synkron and MS SyncToy this thing did in under 20 minutes! All you need now is the ability to SMTP the log files. Thanks.

Comment by Mevlüt (2011-08-10 09:02:07)Post reply

very very thanks man..

Comment by Carl (2011-07-18 19:51:08)Post reply

Any chance of implementing encryption? I would love to be able to synch my files to a network attached drive and have them encrypted.

Reply by Create Software (2011-07-18 21:01:51)Post reply

I would advise syncing to a TrueCrypt volume. TrueCrypt provides much more security (it's developed and tested by cryptography experts) and flexibility than Create Synchronicity alone could.

Comment by Kyle (2011-06-28 02:15:16)Post reply

I wanted to thank you for an awesome program. It really helps back up all of my images and keep things synced. As a professional photographer, these types of tools are very valuable.
I have made a donation via PayPal to support your efforts and challenge more users of this program to do the same. Thank you.

Comment by fly (2011-06-17 22:02:28)Post reply

Hey Clément, thanx for this great software!
I was looking for one to change MS SyncToy and this one is awesome! Thanx again! :)

Comment by Roelof (2011-06-14 15:07:08)Post reply

Great tool! All I'm looking for. One issue though: queing profiles doesn't work for me. The command I use:
"Create Synchronicity" /run "lease|wb"
This doesn't work, whereas
"Create Synchronicity" /run "lease"
Does work. Any idea what the problem could be?
Is there a command that queues all profiles?
Many thanks, and keep up the good work!!

Reply by Roelof (2011-06-15 12:03:38)Post reply

I fixed it! I made two errors: the order of commands was wrong and using quotes in a .bat file helps too. This is my command:
c:\"Program Files"\"Create Software"\"Create Synchronicity"\"Create Synchronicity".exe /nostop /run "internal2|services|test"

Reply by fly (2011-08-25 12:38:44)Post reply

Hey Clément,
Will you implement this feature into the UI too?

Reply by Create Software (2011-08-27 07:39:29)Post reply

I don't think so; I fear that this is a somewhat too specialized feature to really be useful for everyone.

Comment by Clive (2011-05-30 03:04:58)Post reply

I'm looking for something which will work with Gladinet (has file chunking) to sync files to my SkyDrive account. Perhaps this is the software? Will give it a try. BTW I support your philosophy of not having 2 way mirroring.

Reply by Create Software (2011-05-30 17:25:41)Post reply

Not really; CS is better for local backups, or NAS backups; basically, it works with anything that you can mount locally.

Comment by Ken (2011-05-27 01:00:06)Post reply

Great program, works fast, but I am having a problem with a remote drive attached to PogoPlug. Out of 12,000+ jpg files the same 150 keep showing up a needing "update" no matter how many times I sync. These files are not tagged when using SyncToy. What am I missing?

Reply by Create Software (2011-05-27 15:54:48)Post reply

You might want to disable the "strict file time comparison" option; it's most likely PogoPlug mishandling rounding.

Reply by Chris (2012-03-05 10:29:16)Post reply

I had the same problem, and disabling 'Strict Time Comparison' fixed the issue. I was even comparing MD5 hashes when it kept trying to update the same files over and over.
All good now. Cheers.

Comment by aaron (2011-05-17 13:37:11)Post reply

great lean tool! One beef: I have it set to backup a folder on my home network, but when i take my laptop to work and boot up it jams up with error msgs that it cannot connect (of course) and it always takes a few minutes to click OK on the boxes and right click cancel the program in the startup tray. May have a future option that if it cannot connect to RETRY or CANCEL in a box that pops up, and suspends it trying until you click an option. Thanks!

Reply by Create Software (2011-05-27 15:53:28)Post reply

Thanks for your suggestions!

Comment by Eri (2011-05-14 22:20:43)Post reply

Thank you, I totally love the program! Keep up the hard work :) I am sorry that I can't afford to donate at the moment (evil loans :/), but please do know that your work is appreciated.

Reply by Create Software (2011-05-16 07:57:08)Post reply

Hi Eri,
Thanks a lot for you comments =)

Comment by Mauricio (2011-05-13 22:19:22)Post reply

Dear Clement,
For me it comes as no surprise that this tool was one of "Best Free Software of 2011". It is both powerful and simple, that's why everyone likes it.
As I told you last year, it would be a huge improvement if you could implement CS over FTP.
But hey, I know it is no piece of cake, so it's just a suggestion.
I love your program, keep it up!

Comment by irvinehooi (2011-05-08 05:16:27)Post reply

Is there a GUI setting to allow very long path name or very long file name to be copied / Synced as well ??
I really need this work. Could you include it in the next release ??

Reply by irvinehooi (2011-05-08 05:19:50)Post reply

Sorry I forget to leave the email for my previous post.

Reply by Belstaff Italy (2011-09-22 01:53:05)Post reply

Thank you for your share!

Reply by Belstaff Italy (2011-09-22 01:54:07)Post reply

Thank you for your share!

Comment by me (2011-05-06 01:45:16)Post reply

create snychronicity is exactly what I've been looking for in a backup program. The problem is, no matter what I've done, once I start the backup the transfer speed plummets, it went from around 12mb and just continues down until it hits 0mb. I'm not sure if this is because of the large files I was trying to transfer (8GB) or what, but I was hoping you might have an answer.

Reply by Create Software (2011-05-06 07:26:31)Post reply

Hi, thanks for your question; I've posted an answer in the faq.

Comment by A (2011-04-20 06:19:04)Post reply

Thank you very match!

Comment by Summerboy1986 (2011-02-20 18:31:12)Post reply

Hey, thanks for the great software!
But what I do miss, is a function to choose more than one profile at the same time to get them synchronized all together one after another. Not waiting for the first one to finish and after it starting manually the next one.
Would be nice :-)

Reply by Create Software (2011-02-20 18:37:02)Post reply

Already exists :) Checkout the manual ;)
Btw, if you don't leave an email, I can't reply...

Reply by Summerboy1986 (2011-02-22 22:19:42)Post reply

Thx four your answer! All what i have found is the schedule function but i don't want to use this. Or am i just to blind to see? I want to select all my profiles and click "synchronize" to start all of them in order one after another.
Please tell me how ;).

Reply by Create Software (2011-02-23 19:59:21)Post reply

Use the command line =) Create Synchronicity.exe /run "Profile1|Profile2|Profile3" will run all profiles sequentially.

Reply by Summerboy1986 (2011-02-24 20:50:54)Post reply

Ok thx, thats tricki...
But i can see that there will be an option in the GUI for the next version :P, for greenhorns to the command line like me.
Thx a lot.

Comment by Francesco Campana (2011-02-18 14:21:03)Post reply

I found this tool easy to use, but powerful.
A piece of cake. I use it to mirror my photos

Comment by hugh (2011-02-03 13:50:27)Post reply

Thank you so much for this wonderful tool!

Comment by Shiyin (2011-02-03 03:43:59)Post reply

Thank you for the Create Synchronicity (CS). I'm using it after having used FullSync (FS). I like the Swap button, which is lacking in FS.
One feature which would be helpful is for the list of profiles to be sorted alphabetically. This would help to arrange them into groups. I would also prefer to have them listed vertically only, not next to ea other.

Reply by Create Software (2011-02-03 17:10:28)Post reply

Thanks =) I've implemented you suggestion. Download the new version from and press Ctrl+L in the main window to switch views. Hope you like it!

Comment by Daniel (2011-01-25 15:24:06)Post reply

Disappointed by the fact that this software is Windows-only. :(

Reply by Create Software (2011-12-08 21:55:49)Post reply

I'm considering a Linux port, but Mono doesn't implement Windows Forms very well...

Comment by wowa (2011-01-25 10:21:17)Post reply

Great Tool.
Thanks for this useful development! Iam a student and it is really vital for me to backup all my notes on my tablet pc regularly. From my point of view there is only one improvement left:
In the sync. schedule planer you should be able to set up a synchronication plan which runs several times per day. FOr example at 11:00, 15:00, 20:00 and this every day. And one little thing: I synchronize my files with a fileserver, which is only available in my local network. Would it be feasible to suppress the message "Target directory not found - invalid configuration" when the synchronisation was started automatically via the sync. plan?

Comment by shim (2011-01-25 05:19:15)Post reply

firstly thanks! any software that is made available for free deserves a big thanks.
in terms of feedback, so far i really like the software, very intuitive and fast. i thing that needs improvement is the preview sync file list. the list should allow users to edit selection (sync, not sync, reverse direction, etc) and also the files should be grouped in collapsible directories.
the sync page of an active job shows files created and files deleted but no total file size. i think file size info would be useful too.
other then that, my first day using it has been fun

Comment by Oliver Roussel (2011-01-24 12:24:31)Post reply

I find it clear and rather easy to use, but the file selection is too strict: I'm searching for:
1) a global filtering "For all profiles, do not synchronize *.tmp;*.err... files"
2) for each profile: either "All files" either a combination of included and excluded files
I'd appreciate also to be able to select a subset of files to synchronize from the preview window.
Copy/paste of profiles should be helpful for me, too !
It's great to have the option "Strict mirror" !
Nice software anyway ! Thanks !

Comment by Jim Ogden (2011-01-23 17:17:19)Post reply

I love the software. It's simple but effective. However, I'm having one difficulty. I am backing up to a USB drive on my router. The initial backup worked fine, but when I run it again it copies all files rather than only new or changed files. I've tried a variety of settings but it always copies all files.

Reply by Create Software (2011-01-26 17:29:41)Post reply

Hi Jim,
This is due to incorrect DST settings, which you can adjust in the settings window.

Comment by S.G.Park (2011-01-21 02:45:42)Post reply

It is a amazing software what I has been waiting
for. Thanks a lot.
I'm sure we can make the world better with GPL softwarte!

Reply by Create Software (2011-01-21 18:38:44)Post reply

Hi S.G.Park!
I tried to send you a mail, but your inbox blocks it as spam.
I've committed your translation work =)
Thanks for your help!

Comment by jack (2011-01-19 19:52:56)Post reply

i have a question!!there is the possibility to syncronize a folder on usb device with one on a computer???
i have a samsung mp4 but the program doesn't recognize the folder on usb device

Reply by Create Software (2011-01-21 22:34:50)Post reply

Hi! If you can browse the drive in windows explorer, then it should work in Create Synchronicity too.

Comment by Julo (2010-12-22 18:31:37)Post reply

Excellent and very efficient. Lacking option to skip following symlinks/hardlinks/junctions.

Reply by Create Software (2010-12-25 17:17:05)Post reply

Hi Julo; normally, Create Synchronicity doesn't follow symbolic links.

Comment by Tjcrazy (2010-12-21 13:33:38)Post reply

Great piece of kit! We have 5 Computers + A Server, running this means we can backup to the server, whenever we want with massive flexibility.
Having different profiles means we can run the same program instance of a usb stick, and just select the profile!
Just what a busy household needs.

Comment by DJ (2010-12-18 18:50:12)Post reply

It would be awesome if one could simply run a saved profile with one click in a tray icon minimized, and when done, have it exit automatically. As is, it must be opened first, then clicked, and when done, one must manually exit.
This is THE ONLY ap I've found that is not only easy to use but excludes things properly as well.
Robocopy gui is retarded imo. Thanks for a great ap. The log files are superb.

Reply by Create Software (2010-12-18 18:50:12)Post reply

Hi DJ, I've written to you to describe how to create a shortcut to Create Synchronicity that will run a particular profile directly, in the status bar. Thanks!

Comment by stefan (2010-12-15 11:57:19)Post reply

Show question
What about a link to compact the backup data?
Winrar (better than 7-zip and winzip)is very fast and can reconstruct destroyed data with some extra bits. Also a encryption is possible.
So you can secure and compress backup data.
Final: How can I link winrar with your program without double backup data?

Reply by Create Software (2010-12-15 11:57:19)Post reply

Hi stefan,
The very nature of proprietary, costly apps as Winrar contradicts that of open source software such as Create Synchronicity, making it hard for programmers to interact with Winrar. Sorry!

Comment by TimBee (2010-12-09 11:31:56)Post reply

Great software: simple to use and still a lot of features.
Show question
One question: Is there an option to exclude folders (like the file-exclude option. So for example: backup the C:-drive but exclude the "SVN" folder if it is found. This will save a lot of time when searching for specific file types to backup (for example PST (Outlook) files which can be saved at random locations by users.
Thanks a lot!

Reply by Create Software (2010-12-09 11:31:56)Post reply

Hi TimBee! Feature created, see the manual for more info =)

Comment by Ian (2010-12-09 11:11:50)Post reply

A great bit of software. A button to show the log once a synchronisation has completed would be useful.

Comment by naren (2010-12-08 06:47:58)Post reply

Fantastic piece of software. Can a bit more of customization be made like snooze an alarm before 10-15 in the task bar before the sync starts. An option for pause and postpone the schedule if required.

Comment by titoy (2010-11-16 09:21:41)Post reply

Hi, cool and effective tool, thanks a lot for you efforts!
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I got one issue that might affect those that are working with Java, it seems there is a limit to 248 chars in the pathname (may be linked to .Net fmwk). With deep trees like in Java archives you quickly reach this limit.

Reply by Create Software (2010-11-16 09:21:41)Post reply

Hi! The problem you're experiencing is a limitation of windows itself. See the faq for more information.

Comment by Tom (2010-11-13 16:10:53)Post reply

It would be very nice if you could implement a function which allows to keep the last x revisions of a file. Perhaps in a separate backup tree structure.
.Backup\Test\test[date].txt [last version]
.Backup\Test\test[date].txt [next to last version]

Reply by Create Software (2010-11-13 16:10:53)Post reply

Hi! Answer posted on the faq.

Comment by Andrew Hallam (2010-11-03 09:22:57)Post reply

Hi, I work a large company, and want to use the software to synchronise some files from a network share onto a portable drive to use when away from the office. Is the use of this software permissible for me at work, rather than personal home use?
Thanks, Andrew.

Reply by Create Software (2010-11-03 09:22:57)Post reply

Definitely! You can use Create Synchronicity at work; check out the page dedicated to schools and businesses for more information about the GPL.

Comment by Paul Oaten (2010-10-29 10:51:42)Post reply

Hi - this is excellent software. Just one question.
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Are file/folder attributes & permissions preserved when copying from one location to another, for example, copying folders in an AD environment to a NAS drive - will permissions be preserved if the NAS drive is joined to the same domain?

Reply by Create Software (2010-10-29 10:51:42)Post reply

Hi Paul! See the FAQ for an answer

Comment by luckymonkey (2010-10-13 14:55:22)Post reply

Great app!!!
Thanks for your efforts to make this software.

Comment by adji (2010-10-13 12:49:36)Post reply

Thx for CS (nice improvement over FreeFileSync).

Comment by German (2010-10-11 15:08:30)Post reply

Is there a news feed which I can subscribe to find out about new releases? I cant find any on here nor on

Reply by Create Software (2010-10-11 15:08:30)Post reply

Of course! You can simply subscribe to the synchronicity-updates mailing list, or follow @createsoftware on twitter.

Comment by André Modesto (2010-10-08 22:19:13)Post reply

Hey, i would like to sugest a new feature for this great app, and that is, to be able to have an option to select the folders to synchronize on context menu, you know what i mean, right click a folder, select then right click another folder, select, opens app with the folders in their places. what do you think?

Reply by Create Software (2010-10-08 22:19:13)Post reply

Hi André! I think this may be feasible, but it would require the program to be very intrusive, and could not be included in the portable version... You can open a feature request about it if you want.

Comment by David (2010-10-02 13:20:27)Post reply

Superb software. Been using Microsoft SyncToy for awhile, but have now switched to Create Synchronicity. Great interface, nice and easy to use.
Just one slight bug is that you always have to specify the parent directory in a tree. If you only specify children the program tries to remove the parent, but it can`t as its got content and generates an error.
Apart from that, excellent. :)

Reply by Create Software (2010-10-02 13:20:27)Post reply

Hi! Thanks for your comments. Your bug has been fixed, visit the current builds page for an updated version.

Comment by Shane Bowman (2010-10-02 09:35:54)Post reply

This is a great idea. Windows backup is really crappy and other stuff out there is faulty in one way or another.
I'm glad someone finally made backup worth using. Thanx!! ☻☻☻

Comment by Vash (2010-09-26 20:58:25)Post reply

Nice, simple, light program. Congratulations.

Comment by Kramer (2010-09-23 15:51:25)Post reply

So far I really like the program very simple.
Show questionCurrently I have 5 Two-ways incremental profiles. I want to have the process run when my computer goes idle for more then 30 minutes or/and end my remote session. Here is my command line that I run through windows scheduler.
["create synchronicity.exe" /quiet /run "Profile1|Profile2"]
When it's doing is just started the scheduler and does not run until the scheduler time (@ 5pm). Is there a feature to run the sync NOW?

Reply by Create Software (2010-09-23 15:51:25)Post reply

Hi! I answered by mail; the scheduler starts automatically

Comment by nanotube (2010-09-16 16:10:32)Post reply

hello from nanotube. nice work! :)

Comment by Enrique (2010-09-08 07:09:31)Post reply

Thanks for your nice program.
I miss a Two-ways (Mirror) method. Any chance?

Comment by Gary (2010-08-25 00:31:31)Post reply

Greetings - and thanks for a nice program.
I've been using FileSync for years and it allows me to look at the differences between directories. On my Mac, I use ChronSync to the same effect.
I change files in directories and would like to see the differences - for example, when I place a new version of a software download in a source directory (file-v2.exe, for example), and delete the previous download from the source directory (file.v1.exe), I'd like the synchroniser to copy v2 across to the target directory and delete v1 from the target directory.
As I see it, the program synchronises so that v1 would copy from target to source and v2 would copy from source to target, so I then have to delete v1 from both source and target. Is this the case?
Cheers! Gary

Reply by Create Software (2010-08-25 00:31:31)Post reply

Hi Gary! Create Synchronicity can do both, depending on how you set it up. If you want v1.exe to be deleted, chose a Mirror sync. If you want v1.exe to be copied over, use and incremental sync =)

Comment by Alisson (2010-08-05 22:52:39)Post reply

Hi, developper!
Tks 4 'Create Synchronicity': SMALL, FAST, PRECISE, SIMPLE, GREAT!
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Please, my doubts:
1) Works in which OS's?
2) If not Win 9x compatible, how to do it?
3) 'Create Synchronicity' vs. any file syncro program (like the great 'ViceVersa Pro')?

Tks again,

Reply by Create Software (2010-08-05 22:52:39)Post reply

Thanks for your comments!

Reply by Create Software (2010-08-05 22:53:39)Post reply

Create Synchronicity works on all platforms that can run the .Net Framework, version 2.0 =)

Comment by Mats (2010-07-29 10:45:45)Post reply

I want to make a backup every night from my PC to a Server. If I understood this correctly the program must then be running when the scheduled time occurs. Then to avoid having it open in the main window, I like it instead to run in the background, in the system tray. If I undertood the instruction correct I should start the program like this: "C:\Program Files\Create Software\Create Synchronicity\Create Synchronicity.exe" /quiet. This doesn't work for me. The program starts normal, but doesn't show up in my system tray. I use version and Windows XP SP3. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,Mats.

Reply by Create Software (2010-07-29 10:45:45)Post reply

Hello Mats,
When you schedule a profile, you just need to get the profile scheduler to run, either by rebooting your computer, or by using this command: "C:\Program Files\Create Software\Create Synchronicity\Create Synchronicity.exe" /scheduler. The scheduler will then take care of running your scheduled profiles (you can tell it's running by cheking for a little icon in your taskbar.
The /quiet flag is used when you want to immediately run a profile in background. If you don't specify which profile to run, Create Synchronicity will ignore it.

Comment by Ballpoint (2010-07-28 17:00:01)Post reply

Merci pour ce super logiciel ! C'est exactement ce que je cherchais. L'interface est ultra-simple à prendre en main. Bref, pour l'usage que j'en fait, rien à redire.

Comment by Bob (2010-07-21 20:54:26)Post reply

merci pour ce super programme.
la dernière version bug en fin de backup, ça freeze... obligé de forcer la fermeture...

Reply by Create Software (2010-07-21 20:54:26)Post reply

Salut Bob,
Je pense que le bug est lié à la gestion des logs. Peux-tu créer un rapport de bug sur le tracker ( Ou bien me contacter par e-mail (

Comment by Kieran (2010-07-21 03:14:04)Post reply

I've made a synchronicity profile, and it runs the backup perfectly. I've gone into Scheduling for this profile, and want to run it at 1AM, every day.
I've ticked "enable scheduling for this profile", and "every day", and put at 1:0. The program stays open all night - however, the log HTML doesn't indicate that the scheduled backup was run. I run Windows 2000 server.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, and great software.

Reply by Create Software (2010-07-21 03:14:04)Post reply

Hello Kerian! I've sent a direct e-mail to you to solve this problem :)

Comment by Isaac (2010-07-01 21:28:06)Post reply

I love the program. It seems to be exactly what im looking for. When i ran the first backup it was smooth! but now when i run a back up the same data the program freezes every single time after the backup has been initiated. Im not sure why. im using windows 7 64bit. Are you able to help? thank you kindly.

Reply by Create Software (2010-07-01 21:28:06)Post reply

Hello Isaac! I've sent an e-mail to you to investigate the problem, we'll find this bug! CFP.

Comment by Thomas (2010-03-10 14:20:17)Post reply

nice program, easy to use.
Question moved to the FAQ.

Reply by Create Software (2010-03-10 14:20:17)Post reply

See this page for more information. This request can be discussed further if you create an item on the tracker.

Comment by Mike (2010-02-27 19:52:04)Post reply

Nice app but needs to things changing. 1) needs the ability to be able to queue profiles to run so you can leave it running and not have to manually click the next one. 2) needs to support backing up to a network drive. Otherwise, superb.

Reply by Create Software (2010-02-27 19:52:04)Post reply

Hello Mike! Create Synchronicity can backup to network drives :) See this page for more information.
Edit: Now it can also queue profiles :)

Comment by Chris (2010-02-27 19:10:33)Post reply

I like your application, thanks for it!
What I don't like about it: You can't minimize the synchronization window - well you actually can but only with right click in the taskbar - but not in the window itself. Anyway if minimized you can't access the main window and it blocks the desktop. Could be fixed, could it? :-) My system is Windows 7.
PS You need admin rights to use it under Windows 7 but it doesn't start itself in admin mode. I know it's a UAC thing and you can switch it. Only important if you mind cosmetic surgery :-).
Neither the setup starts in admin mode, and fails to copy the files! :o)

Reply by Create Software (2010-02-27 19:10:33)Post reply

Hey Chris! Thanks for your suggestions, I'll try to implement them as soon as possible. Remember to post them to the feature requests tracker anyway :)

Comment by Bjørn Karlstrøm (2009-11-30 12:54:30)Post reply

Super software. I tried 5 other sync-programs and none had the abilities like this. Only thing missing now is a scheduling option. Hopefully it will come in future updates.

Comment by Philippe (2009-11-30 11:00:55)Post reply

C'est très très bien optimisé, bravo, je dis une prière pour vous l'auteur, et j'espère que le log sera suivi le pluus lontemps possible.

Comment by mohican (2009-10-21 22:19:12)Post reply

Create Synchronicity is light, fast and simple.
It is portable : you can run the binary file (.exe which weights less than 170 Ko) from a mobile device such as a USB key or an external hard drive.
Portability is only limited by its requirement for Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or later.
Its one-way mirror function (with options for selecting sub-directories, file types and more) is very useful for maintaining up-to-date copies (mirror backups). I tested this function thoroughly, I now use it for daily backups.
From its 2.1 version this software solves the difficult issue of synchronization between NTFS and FAT32 file systems.
Also, I found the author very cooperative and willing to improve its software.
Very nice piece of work indeed. Thanks a lot.

Comment by chris (2009-08-19 11:39:05)Post reply

Is this a good way to synchronise my documents folder (incl pictures, mp3s and spreadsheets etc, about 5GB total) between home machines or should I use windows live sync? Thanks

Reply by andrew (2009-08-20 06:00:22)Post reply

If your computers are directly connected, you can use this soft very easily. I tested it myself and it works very well.

Comment by chris (2009-08-14 19:11:30)Post reply

How about an option to run one or more sync-tasks when the computer starts up?
You could simply let the user add a shortcut in his startmenu with the parameter: '/run:[profilename]'

Comment by peter catchpole (2009-07-01 14:15:18)Post reply

superb piece of software, many thanks

Comment by Vincere (2009-07-01 11:47:03)Post reply

Sounds great !

Reply by Abu Abdullah (2011-06-27 03:59:58)Post reply

I cannot backup the full hard disk because it gives me errors "Access denied ..." because of the system folders i.e. Recycle.bin and system information folder for restore point snapshot. even i deselect them, the error is the same.

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