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Create Synchronicity 6.0

Dear Create Synchronicity users,

It is a great pleasure for me to announce today the product of 11 months of continued development: a new release of Create Synchronicity, now in version 6.0.

Create Synchronicity 6.0 comes with a lot of improvements, including much faster previews, prettier logs (see the screenshot on the right), better support for network drives, profile groups, and a wealth of minor updates and bug fixes. Power users will appreciate the introduction of 8 new expert settings[1], and of pre- and post-sync scripts, making it possible to send backup summaries by e-mail[2].

If you speak Amharic, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, or Slovene, you can now enjoy Create Synchronicity in your own language! Many thanks to the translators who made this possible. If your language is not available yet, why not translate Create Synchronicity today?

Huge thanks as well to the many people who donated to encourage development, or simply sent comments; your feedback and support are my main motivation to dedicate some of my free time to developing Create Synchronicity. If you find it useful, I encourage you to make a small donation today or take a look at my Amazon wish list to express your support to free software.

Should you have any further questions regarding Create Synchronicity, please do feel free to write to me: suggestions, ideas, and feedback on this new release are highly welcome. If you want to contribute, or if you'd like to show your support to Create Synchronicity, just head to for more info.

Create Synchronicity 6.0 is available from, and you can read the full change log on As usual, I will wait for a few days before enabling automatic updates.

Happy syncing,
Clément (Create Software).

[1] Including new command line switches, look-backwards date filters, and separate error tracking
[2] The scripts are available from

Create Synchronicity 5.1

Hi Create Synchronicity users!

It is my great pleasure today to announce the 14th release of Create Synchronicity, now in version 5.1 (r1045) :) This new release, which you can download from , brings a new threading system, improved scheduling (with an option to catch up missed backups), a few cosmetic changes, and three new translations (to Danish, Estonian, and Polish). The scheduling engine has reached a high maturity level, with more complex settings available, and many command line options have been created, allowing for use on production servers, and in complex usage patterns.

Since last release, our little community has enjoyed a steady growth, with an increase in downloads count over the last few months (Kudos to the people who contributed by translating and submitting patches or feature requests, and huge thanks to the people who donated since 5.0!), and made frequent apparitions in the blogosphere, especially on German blogs. Create Synchronicity was among the 15 new programs this year on the German Open Source DVD (, and has been adopted by some mid-size companies in the world to make their backups.

Finally, with this new release, Create Synchronicity is moving to a new philosophy regarding donations: although you can still donate in the usual way, I’ve created a new donation option, in the form of a new year’s fundraiser to go to a nice restaurant; if you want to show your appreciation to this little app, chipping in could be a creative way of doing so :) Find out more at if you want : )

Should you have any requests, questions, suggestions or remarks about Create Synchronicity, please feel free to write to me; I’ll be glad to assist =) Information on how to contribute can be found at

Thanks for using Create Synchronicity,
Merry Christmas, and happy new year,
Clément Pit--Claudel (Create Software)

Create Synchronicity 5.0

Dear Create Synchronicity users,

(To all new subscribers who heard of Create Synchronicity by reading the Lifehacker article a month ago: Welcome aboard!)

It's my great pleasure to announce today the release of Create Synchronicity, version 5.0, available at . This update is focused on making your use of Create Synchronicity more intuitive and easy, by fixing many discreet yet annoying bugs, and by introducing new time-savers, such as path suggestion in the settings dialog, and double-click support in the preview window. We're also welcoming three new translations, to Russian, Czech, and Hebrew, along with a fully localized installer. System administrators may like the new "/silent" switch that I introduced, as well as the new app-logging feature. The command-line bug that many of you encountered was fixed, and new options were introduced. Check out the full release notes at for more!

Thanks to all of you who are helping to make this app better, by sharing ideas and suggestions; your comments are greatly appreciated. I'd also like to thanks the many people who donated to support development since last release =) Donating is a truly neat way to give a thumbs up to a free project that you like.

As always, the manual can be found at (I built a PDF version recently). If you think you've found a bug, do not hesitate to report it at; and if you want to share an idea, you can do so at, or by contacting me directly be email:; even dropping a quick mail to say hello is a great way to say you appreciate this app.

Thanks for using Create Synchronicity,
Have fun,
CFP (Create Software)

Create Synchronicity 4.3

Hello everyone!

I'm proud and happy to announce today the release of Create Synchronicity, version 4.3. While being mostly a bugfix release, it introduces many discrete, yet noticeable improvements.

As you may have noticed, a vicious bug had made its way into version 4.2, which caused a "log file not found" message to appear. Version 4.3 fixes this bug of course, but also includes many improvements suggested to me by the user community, which I'd like to thank very much for its continuous involvement in making this application better day after day. Spotting bugs, or thinking of new functions, is not easy, and thus everyone's help is very welcome, for that's what open source development is about: sharing ideas.

With version 4.3, Create Synchronicity welcomes two new translators, and thus two new translations: in Swedish, and in Dutch. Many thanks for this to Hampus Bengtsson, and John Van Amstel.

As always, the manual can be found at If you think you've found a bug, do not hesitate to report it at; and if you want to share an idea, you can do so at

And as always, donations are very welcome to express your support to the development of Create Synchronicity.

Thanks for using Create Synchronicity,
CFP (Create Software)

Create Synchronicity 4.2

Dear Create Synchronicity users,

It hasn't been long since the last update, but a few annoying, although benign, bugs had slipped in the last release of Create Synchronicity (version 4.1). This new release, 4.2, is therefore mostly targeted at fixing bugs and simplifying the existing code.

I'm glad to say that this has permitted for many improvements in the code, resulting in a more responsive interface, a better scheduler, and prettier log files. As a side note, some of you may have had trouble with log files (these were the main reason for the 4.2 release). Yet no release would be worth it if it wasn't for at least a few new functionalities, and this one makes scheduling much simpler. When you change scheduling settings for a profile, the scheduler immediately catches up and updates its own settings to mirror your change. No need to reboot (or restart the scheduler) anymore =) There have been improvements also in the debugging engine, including an application-level events logger.

The manual has been updated accordingly to reflect these changes, and can be found at If you think you've found a bug, do not hesitate to report it at ; and if you want to share an idea, you can do so at

Create Synchronicity is an open source project: as always, any form of support is highly appreciated, be it by donating, translating, or simply by spreading the word around you =)

CFP (Create Software)

Create Synchronicity 4.1

Dear Create Synchronicity users,

I'm happy and proud to announce today the immediate availability of Create Synchronicity, version 4.1, which can be downloaded at Although not as spectacular in terms of new functionalities than previous releases, this update brings a lot of minor improvements to the UI, installer, and marks the beginning of a large optimization work, to achieve ever- higher synchronization speeds (Good news: On Windows 7, copying files with Create Synchronicity is now faster than copying them using the default Windows copy handler). More of course in the release notes, at If you were to encounter any bugs, please report them at

In this release, we've especially worked on making the interface of Create Synchronicity easier to understand and to use, and I've improved the way folders are selected/excluded. If you have any suggestions to improve it further, I'd be delighted to implement them. As usual, ideas and feature requests are very welcome: post everything at Remember that we have a full manual at, and a new tutorial at

More than ever, we're looking for translators, to reach a broader user audience. If you have linguistic talents, you're very welcome :) Don't hesitate as well to spread the word about this backup program, share it, or even write about it =)

Create Synchronicity is a free, open source project: we thankfully accept donations and help in developing this software:

Happy computing,
CFP (Create Software).

Create Synchronicity 4.0

Dear Create Synchronicity users,

I'm very happy to announce the immediate availability of Create Synchronicity, version 4.0. It comes with many new features, among which support for implicit paths such as "MyUsb"\MyFolder, and proxy support. The interface has been reworked to include help tips and allow for easier navigation, while folder selection has been rethought to allow for easier customization, without hindering configurability.

Create Synchronicity 4.0 also features one new translation (to Italian), and updated translations to English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

As always, we've focused on keeping Create Synchronicity truly lightweight and portable: the overall size increase is as little as 8kB for the zip file and 7kB for the installer. A full list of what those 8kB are made of is available at

You can update from the About menu of your Create Synchronicity installation, or from

Special thanks for this release to last-minute translators (including Jaime Roquero), and to people who have helped reworking the interface by submitting extensive feedback.

As usual, you can leave feedback either on Create Synchronicity home page, at, or on the associated SourceForge project page. Remember that we have a Feature Requests tracker as well as a Bugs tracker on SourceForge.

Thanks to you all for using and sharing Create Synchronicity! If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach me at

Enjoy Create Synchronicity - we enjoy making it.

CFP (Create Software).

Copyright (c) Create (Clément Pit--Claudel) 2012
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