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Create Synchronicity is open source: anyone can read the code and suggest or contribute improvements.


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Hi! I'm Clément, the person behind Create Synchronicity.
Working on an open source, free application takes a lot of efforts, and a lot of time. That's why it's so awesome to see people express their support to software they like.

Donating is a very nice way to tell me that you like my work. You can support Create Synchronicity!

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Don't like PayPal? Write to me and we'll arrange a wire transfer.

Amazon wishlist

I've put up a short list of things I'd like, but they are a bit pricey :/


There is an online translation interface available for Create Synchronicity. This way, you can easily contribute to the project by translating it.

Submitting patches

Can you program in VB.Net? Do you have ideas to make Create Synchronicity better? Check out the code from, and submit patches!

Spreading the word

You can help Create Synchronicity by spreading the word: tweet about it, share it with people you know, contribute to the Wikipedia article, rate it and leave reviews on download websites, write blog posts, tell your favourite blog authors about it, and so on :)

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