To contact me, write to createsoftware@users.sourceforge.net.

About me


I'm Clément Pit--Claudel, a 26 year-old student at the Ecole Polytechnique. I live in Paris, France. I founded Create Software.

I started programming about 14 years ago, mostly in VB.Net. I haven't dropped that habit yet, but I learnt new languages, ranging from C/C++ to Ocaml, and did some web development, mostly using XHTML/CSS/PHP/SQL. I also studied language theory a bit for a Fortran meta-analysis job.

My contributions to the Open Source movement include Create Synchronicity, which I created about 8 years and 11 months ago, other programs hosted on SourceForge, and plugins/translations for Rockbox, an open source DAP firmware. I participated in several algorithm contests, including the USACO, FARIO, and French Olympiads.

I gave two interviews about Create Synchronicity.

You can read my full bio on my website. I also have a blog, code crumbs.

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Tags: backup, archiving, data, synchronization, synchronicity, open source
I have a blog, code crumbs. Also of interest: YiXue Chinese Dictionary, a Chinese Dictionary for Windows Phone.